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USA Today Bestselling Author, Joe Quackenboss is from La Crosse, WI, where he lives with his amazing and inspirational daughter, Anna. When not writing, he works for the Veteran's Administration helping to ensure our nation's heroes get the healthcare they deserve. He also loves the outdoors; including hiking, fishing, and camping.

He loves to read just about anything he can get his hands on. His normal reading routine is with audiobooks, as it allows him to read and work at the same time.

Joe is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the US Army. He spent time traveling the Middle East and is of Lebanese and Syrian descent. He loves to tell stories, be it verbally or written. But, after his time in Iraq, writing truly became a therapeutic method to deal with PTSD.

His Reader's Choice Award-Winning Holliday Urban Fantasy story, 'A Vampire's Christmas Concerto' reached International Best Selling status with over 10,000 copies sold worldwide in December of 2021.

Some of his favorite things to write are in the High Fantasy realm. Lately, he has found himself working with Sci-fi and romance stories.

For Joe, not writing and telling his stories was never really an option.

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A Vampire's Christmas Concerto

December 2021

Author Joe Quackenboss is extremely proud and excited to share this thrilling Urban Fantasy. Over 10,000 sales worldwide have made it an International Best Beslling Story! 

Also, the Gold Medal at the Reader's Choice Award!

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