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A Pawn of Fate

Darkness is rising across the lands of A'rth as an ancient power seeks to claim humanity and return it to the void between worlds. From vast forests and snowy vales to burning sands and red mountains, A PAWN OF FATE follows three teens through their battles to save A'rth and its people.

Patrice, a newly trained wielder of majiks, searches for the truth behind grim visions that reveal his past, present, and future; all while battling the addiction of his great power and the revelation that the world is far different than he ever imagined. Rhayna, a young noblewoman, faces great change that alters her life forever as her eyes open to the majiks of an ancient past; she must choose whether to accept that power, or become just another mundane lady at court. Tumas, the prince and twin brother of Patrice, must abandon love, forced into the most brutal war of his time, and is made to face his fears and insecurities of leadership; he must overcome terrible nightmares and forge ahead to unite his people.

Together Patrice, Rhayna, and Tumas must unlock the mysteries of A'rth, and uncover the key to salvation. Unknown forces strive to drive them apart; for alone they would bring about the Void, and an end to all things.

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A Queen Among Pawns

Author Joe Quackenboss is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work in The Order of the Sun Chronicles. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.

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Tears of A'rth

A'rth. The world first introduced in "A Pawn of Fate", now reveals its mysteries. The dawn of humanity on A'rth is brought to light in an exciting new story set many millennia before Patrice ever drew breath.

The Ltae'ahud, the pledge of protection, had allowed the Aer'theral Empire to keep peace in their corner of the universe for a thousand cycles. But with the coming of the Ashma'dae and the fall of the Aer'theral homeworld, Celestas, the principles of the Ltae'ahud had been abandoned. With the coming of new forms of life, created by some natural phenomenon without the assistance of an Aer'theral soul forge, the universe has changed much. Now thirty cycles after the end of the Great War, the remnants of the Empire, the Fadras'mi, make preparations to reclaim Celestas. The question remains as to whether the Ltae'ahud could be enforced again. And at what cost…

Follow the thrilling tale of a young alien commander as she struggles to maintain her position, and still uphold the honor of her people.


The Serpent Queen

Being one of the most sought after healers in all the Void-realms does have its advantages; money, travel, majiks, prestige. However, the greatest advantage is when each chance of healing, gives the opportunity to not only see someone in pain... But, to bring them pain.

Now, Lilith Asiah Yaeeta must answer for her crimes against the forgeborn... Or will she? A chance encounter with a secretive society gives another, more lucrative, option. The choice is an easy one. Who would deny an opportunity to carry on her precious work and her quest to find a way to increase the experience of pain. 

Vengeance is best served with a bit of pain.

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Flight from Droskyn Keep

Ruled by the Dalzalam'aljan, Dark Elves, Markab is no place for a high elf who refuses to accept the ways of the Void and its dark majiks. Unfortunately, returning home to Alpheratz will prove no simple matter, for those who wield voidic majiks are never easily denied…

As Tarathiel Arakalyn struggles to maintain her soul, she confronts the dangerous addiction of the Hay'aljana. The addictions of majiks, both elemental and voidic are dangerous for any high elf. Captured on the world of Markab by her tainted kin, she must make alliance with a human to escape from the Dalzalam'aljan fortress of Droskyn Keep.

Pursued by powerful enemies, can she find a balance between her addiction and the elemental forces she must harness to escape.

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Of War and Love

In this historic romance, a young Duke strives for peace, independence, and maybe love in the vapid high society of 19th century England.

When Alexander Washburn was recalled from the Napoleonic Campaigns in Spain to take up his family's seat at Richmond, he never would have guessed that love was on the horizon for him.  

With his new position as the Duke of Richmond, it is expected that he find a wife to carry on his family line. However, Alex has seen the very darkness of men's souls and suffers from the experience. Is it possible for love to heal a war-torn heart?


A Vampire's Christmas Concerto

An International Best Selling Story: Over 10,000 sales worldwide.

All Isom could think about was blood. He could smell it everywhere. This new existence was a daily struggle. One that he was not sure he would survive. With the Christmas season coming to early 20th Century Boston, Isom finds himself alone.

With only the remnant memories of his past life as a prodigy violinist, this new vampire must strive to adapt to his new immortal existence. Though, this isn’t easy.

A series of unfortunate circumstances places him in the position of being drawn to the perfect prey. Can he overcome his darkest desire on Christmas Eve?

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A Very Vegas Halloween

When Taalia and her friends travel from their school to a Halloween Party in fabulous Las Vegas, they never expected to run into anything supernatural.

At least, that was the plan... But Taalia finds herself in the middle of a Vampire hunt. Will her and her friends be able to escape unbitten?

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First Sword of the Pirate Lord

Get ready for a return to A'rth, a world of epic battles, fierce majiks, and everlasting heartache. Fans of A Pawn of Fate can get to know Pirate turned Lord, Drake Bryant like never before in this addition to the Echoes of the Void collection.

Join Drake as he relives the tale of his life to Tumas. A tale of heartbreaking youth, scandalous love affairs, and exotic adventures. All building to his unique position within the Kingdom of Hevolia, this story only ever briefly touched upon—is finally revealed!

Come to be illuminated by the life of the enigmatic Drake Bryant, whose alluring personality, flamboyant style, and sharp wit populate the pages of A Pawn of Fate.


Mortal Sword

Author Joe Quackenboss is extremely proud and excited to share their latest addition to the Echoes of the Void series. Mortal Sword will take place on the world of A'rth over 3,000 years before A Pawn of Fate. The link to this story will be coming soon.


The Reaper's Path

Check out the latest work by Author Joe Quackenboss. The Reaper's Path will be a first dive into Urban Fantasy, and the outcome is an influential page-turner unlike any of their prior projects.

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An Awakening

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. An Awakening, the latest title from Author Joe Quackenboss' Echoes from the Void series is something of a departure from their previous work. Pre-Order your copy today.